Research Interests

Applied Game Theory | Public Economics | Political Economy | Experimental Economics

Working Papers

  1. "Public Good Provision: A Tale of Tax Evasion and Corruption" with Alexander Matros and Sonali SenGupta

      • Under Review | [PDF]

      • Abstract : We develop a model that links tax evasion, corruption, and public good provision. In our model, citizens pay or evade taxes into the public fund, which a corrupt governor redistributes. Each citizen forms expectations about the amount of public goods the governor should provide. After observing the actual level of public goods, a citizen punishes the governor if this level is below his expectations. We describe three types of equilibria: tax evasion, efficient public good provision, and symmetric mixed-strategy. We show that the highest expectations can lead to no free riding (tax evasion) and the efficient level of public good provision even with the corrupt governor and without punishment for tax evasion

  2. "Tax Evasion, Embezzlement and Public Good Provision" with Alexander Matros and Sonali SenGupta

      • Under Review | [PDF]

Work in Progress

  1. "Position uncertainty in a sequential public goods game: an experiment" with Konstantinos Georgalos [Status : Data collection]

  2. "Data-driven online scheduling of EV home charging" with Trivikram Dokka and Amin Yarahmadi [Status : Draft coming soon]

  3. "A Group Public Goods game with Position Uncertainty" with Jorge Bruno and Sonali SenGupta [Status: Draft Coming Soon]

  4. "Electric vehicle charging decisions: theory versus empirical evidence" with Trivikram Dokka and Sonali SenGupta

  5. "Guilt Aversion and Procrastination"